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Anti-corruption champions program

Corruption is the largest impediment to youth development in Chad, and we need a new generation finding creative, collective ways to push back against it.

Chad is witnessing the phenomenon of youth bulge as the United Nations’ World Population Prospects 2019 show that Chad is ranked as third most youthful population in the world with median ages of 16.6, and with almost 49% of population under 15 and almost 20% between 15-24 , which means 70% of the population is under 24 years of age.

We believe that young people have an important role to play in tackling corruption and bringing a new culture of integrity to all levels of the society in Chad. However, young people in Chad are vulnerable, voiceless, and socially isolated. It is therefore important to devise appropriate empowerment strategies to raise their awareness and understanding about corruption and to build their capacity to stand up against it, ensuring their proper inclusion as stakeholders in any policy development and implementation of anti-corruption strategies.

Through our Anti-corruption Champions Program, we will create a new generation of anti-corruption advocates from university students.

The program is designed to provide students with knowledge, tools and networks that enable them to have the know-how and capability to design and implement an anti-corruption initiatives that work toward fighting all forms of corruption in Chad .

Citizen Poster Program

Citizens need means to help them participate and express their opinion about the phenomenon of corruption in Chad, and each citizen has a different way that may differ from others. Through our Citizen Poster Program, we provide a platform for citizens to express their ideas and opinions and share them with the society by writing content about corruption and publishing it in the form of posters through various social media platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Women’s Advocate Program

Corruption is not gender neutral; it has different impacts on both women and men. Chadian women regularly face social, cultural, political, and economical discrimination, they encounter even more repression and social exclusion as they are living in a corruption-ridden society. Therefore, anti-corruption measures need to be gender responsive to facilitate gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Working women in Chad are facing huge challenges at workplace that eliminating their potential for career development. One of the main challenges working women are facing in Chad is the phenomena of corruption in the form of sexual bribery where women been demanded to offer their body as a currency to be nominated for a new job or to keep their current position or to be endorsed for career promotion.

Research results show that over 75% of working Women in Chad have been or they know someone who have been a victim of sexual bribery in workplace, and they have pointed toward the lack of legal advice and support to protect and empower women against this form of corruption at workplace in Chad. 

A Women’s Advocate Program is a special women’s empowerment program that aim to train selected female professionals to become workplace advocates who can provide legal advice and support for working women against any form of corruption related issues at workplace in Chad.

Through this program we work in partnership with the Union of Trade Unions of Chad and our partners from civil society organisations to create a healthy and secure workplace environment for working women in Chad. 

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