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What is Advocacy ?

Advocacy is the work we do to influence the policies and actions of international organizations, local agencies, the private sector, and the civil society in order to achieve positive changes in tackling corruption in Chad.

We work to secure the support of policymakers, advocates, influencers, and citizens to commit the necessary resources, efforts and enact policies that take anti-corruption solutions to scale.

We work through research, partnership, and advocacy, to build an anti-corruption ecosystem that drives policy change in fighting corruption at all levels in Chad.            

Our evidence-based advocacy is drawn from international and regional best practices that have been customized and localized to fit the local context in Chad.

Our Advocacy encompasses a wide range of activities that intend to influence decision-makers, that include activities such as

  • Publishing Research
  • Media Campaigns
  • Public Education
  • Partnership, Relationship Building, and Forming Networks
  • Promote Anti-Corruption Events Such as The World Anti-Corruption Day On 9th December and the African anti-corruption day on 11th July each year.
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