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Cultural Transformation

What do we mean by Cultural Transformation?

Collective behaviors like corruption are sustained by social norms, which are rooted in shared attitudes and beliefs. Understanding the conceptional and intellectual perception of corruption would help to deal with the phenomena in-depth, allowing collective behavior to change from the roots.

Our cultural transformation is a conceptional and intellectual effort to tackle a set of misleading sorts of thoughts, social norms, ideological and stereotypical perceptions of corruption in chad. Corrupt thoughts lead to creating a social acceptance of corruption as a concept and then the acceptance of all behaviors and actions that generated or related to that concept. Therefore, instead of condemning, refusing corruption, people become more tolerant of corrupt behaviors, exercises, and individuals. It is really sad that the number of people who are intellectually resisting, condemning and fighting corruption is on their way to extinction in our society.

We use research to diagnose corruption social norms in chad, and then to transform people’s mindset through cultural transformation programs and activities such as seminars, lectures, and community gatherings, to promote patriotism, integrity, and transparency in our society. We will work to combat negative ideas with positive ideas, calling for the revival of society’s conscience in the face of the phenomenon of corruption in our beloved country.

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