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Vision and mission





What is our vision of society as it should be?


Our vision is a corruption resilient society where people and institutions endorse transparency and accountability.







What we do to achieve our vision?


Our mission is to encourage and empower people, institutions, and society to combat and diminish corruption in Chad.









What is our definition of corruption?


We define corruption as “Any attempt directly or indirectly, to obtain a private benefit, that conflicts with or offends the public interest.”



Main objectives

Objective 1:  Creating Social Movement

CTO has an important and valuable role to play in creating an anti-corruption Supportive Society and Social Norms in Chad. In support of this strategic imperative, we will focus on:

1.1 Raising Public Awareness –– To build a corruption conscious society by raising the level of public knowledge, understanding of the nature and effects of corruption on social instability, and sustainable development in Chad.

1.2 Promoting Cultural Change – To build a values-driven society by shifting the culture norms, values, beliefs, behaviors to promote ethical principles in Chadian society.

1.3 Promoting Citizen Empowerment – To build a civic capacity through creating platforms, providing opportunities, and access to personal and group capacity building programs, to develop skills and capabilities that are valuable to citizens’ participation in the fighting against corruption in Chad.

Objective 2: Promoting Transparency and Accountability 

CTO committed to

  • Changing a culture of secrecy to one of openness that will build upon the foundation of information accessibility.
  • Building a countervailing power to influence the power relations that promote accountability, and responsiveness at all levels. In support of these strategic imperative, we willfocus on:
    • Promoting Public Access to information – To build accessibility ecosystem by promoting and protecting public right of access to information in Chad.
    • Promoting Social Accountability – To build accountability ecosystem by promoting Civic Engagement to reduce corruption in public administration for improved service delivery in chad.



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